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Declaration of the 94th Congress of SAT

The 94th Congress of the World Anational Association (SAT) held via internet from July 23-26, 2021:

 confirms the lasting dedication of SAT to the emancipatory aims that motivated its foundation one hundred years ago;

 notes that capitalism and nationalism, sometimes even fascism, continue to be major impediments to the solution of problems associated with climate change, which humanity now faces;

 welcomes scientific progress and the development of a vaccine against Covid‑19 and demands that vaccines be distributed throughout the world in a fair way, and that pharmaceutical companies cease to profit from the disaster;

 demands in this connection that patent protecion be removed from vaccines, so that the peoples can themselves produce them freely;

 appeals to all parties in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that they refrain from territorial annexations and acts of war which hinder a rapprochement between the contending groups;

 supports the struggle of the people of West Sahara against occupation by Marocco and desires the immediate liberation of the last colony in Africa, as it is called, and calls for a return to friendly relations between both peoples;

 expresses its solidarity with the struggle of Kannama trade union in Japan for workersʼ rights and against state suppression of union activities, and supports its effort to build a workersʼ industrial union tendency;

 condemns efforts made by the governments of Hungary and Poland that are aimed at discriminatory restriction of basic civil liberties, in particular those of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT).


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