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Declaration of the 89th Congress of the World Anational Association – 2016

The 89th SAT-congress held in Herzberg am Harz (Germany) from the 16th to the 23rd of July 2016

 opposes the wars and condemns the atrocities throughout the world,
 is disturbed by the large numbers of unemployed and workers with junk contracts, even in so-called advanced countries, and is aware of the suffering caused by the resulting inadequacy of their incomes,
 very much regrets the growth of nationalist parties and organisations in many countries,
 criticises the mainly appeasing reaction of the European governments to the undemocratic actions of many states, particularly Turkey,
 condemns the complicity of multinational companies and interested governments in what is in effect the robbery of rare resources, that contributes to the internal and international armed conflicts in Africa, the Middle East, and South America,
 blames governments involved in the supply of weapons to warring countries in the Middle East, Africa, and everywhere in the world,
 emphasises the demand made by SAT that immigrants and refugees be welcomed, and that the right of people to circulate anywhere be respected, out of awareness that many wars and bad living conditions in some parts of the world make living impossible in those places,
 contests the distinction often drawn by politicians and the press between good war refugees and bad refugees searching a better life, who in their belief only come to the richer countries to enjoy an allegedly unmerited pleasant life,
 supports the idea that human rights and worldwide activities are not delimited by borders and that people may and must unite to defend similar points of view and fight and work together,
 re-emphasises its concerns regarding the urgency of the ecological situation, related to climate disturbances resulting largely from human activity associated with capitalist expansionism, and calls for the consideration and use of alternatives, whether implemented individually or collectively, on both local and worldwide scales,
 draws attention to the melting of glaciers in many regions and the endangerment of many lives,
 notes that excessive and ecologically detrimental transportation is caused not only by bad planning and consumption, but also by the use of low paid workers in far away places,
 rejects the contamination and dangers from atomic energy and atomic weapons over the whole of our planet,
 supports the expansion of real "fair trade", when ecological and "fair" production isn’t possible locally.



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