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Declaration of the 88th SAT Congress in Nitra – 2015

The 88th Congress of the World Anational Association (SAT), meeting in Nitra (Slovakia) from August 8-15, 2015:

 reemphasizes the right of people throughout the world to choose independently and freely to live and reside where they were born or wherever it best suits them, be it for environmental, professional, political or other reasons, taking their own needs and those of all humanity into account without regard for nation and borders;

 calls upon governments to respect freedom of thought and privacy, and demands the cessation of surveillance over all kinds of communication by covert and non-covert agencies and by organisations that restrict freedom and privacy;

 encourages everyone to always duly consider class struggle aspects of an international nature when assessing economic, social and ecological crises, giving attention to the fate of those who suffer as a consequence of them, and to oppose the standpoint of governments, employers and other powerful parties;

 extends its warmest encouragement to workers who self-manage their places of employment, FaSinPat in Argentina, for example;

 conscious that violence has both a necessary and an unjustifiable quality, salutes the social revolution taking place in the Kobane region;

 regrets very much to have to stress the severity of difficulties that people regularly face because of nationalism and capitalism, among other things;

 aims therefore to have free educational exchanges in order to advance our common emancipation.



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