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Declaration of the 90th Congress of the World Anational Association – 2017

The 90th SAT-congress held in Gimpo/Seoul, South Korea, from July 29th to August 5th 2017:

 salutes the holding of the Candlelight Revolution in South Korea, in which many people came together and demonstrated for a change of government, this being an encouraging democratic event;

 recognizes the importance of mass resistance to unjust governments, as demonstrated by the candlelight demonstration in South Korea, while warning against efforts of media and politicians to manipulate them, and especially against such obvious drift towards war as occurred in Syria;

 supports putting an end to the state of conflict between North and South Korea, and supports lasting pacification of the region so that the peoples inhabiting it can live together and achieve understanding;

 suggests peace talks where there are military conflicts and condemns any and all bloodthirsty military alliances, primarily the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO);

 demands appropriate resources and working conditions that enable all workers throughout the world to maintain a life with human dignity;

 notes that animal agriculture (along with the petroleum industry and others) is a major source of global warming, and that the adoption of a more plant-based diet is consequently an effective action from both an ecological and an ethical viewpoint;

 opposes, in its striving toward justice, the suffering and exploitation associated with sexism and racism;

 opposes animal abuse and speciesism;

 opposes use of nuclear energy, seeing that the accident in 2011 at a nuclear power plant in Japan radically devastated and even now devastates the everyday life of the population;

 rejects all nuclear weapons, noting the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons adopted in July 2017;

 supports the activity of Solidarity Good Will (SBV) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which helps to educate young people who have suffered due to the wars taking place there;

 calls for not only SAT-members and Esperantists, but activists generally to cooperate more effectively and actively with comrades in Asia in the framework of our practical support for worldwide solidarity.


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